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Respected Seniors, Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is indeed a matter of great pleasure and satisfaction that a website for the Pathologists & Microbiologists practicing in LUCKNOW has been created.

Coming together of the members of Lucknow Association of Practicing Pathologists & Microbiologists (LAPPM)  in June 2009 was a much-needed and significant development. Following  this, all the major government &  nongovernment Organizations and Institutions rendering diagnostic pathology services to the patient population in Lucknow extended their support. Pathology Department of SGPGl, Lucknow took the lead role in the formation of Lucknow Pathologists’ Group (LPG), creating an environment of sustained academic progress in the field of lab diagnostics in the city of Lucknow .

Enthusiasm and interest shown by pathologists & microbiologists in the past couple of year have created feeling of brother–hood and bonhomie in us.  This website will further strengthen our unity with the general public by ensuring easy connectivity and rapid consultations/ discussions, fostering growth of the ever–expanding subjects of diagnostic pathology &  microbiology in Lucknow.

Heartiest congratulations and thanks to Dr. Mridul Mehrotra for pursuing the lobour-intensive task of compiling this website.

Kind regards,

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