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Medical screening to detect chronic liver and kidney disease usually involves a test that measures how well these organs are functioning, rather than testing for the toxic substance itself. While there are several reasons for this approach, the main reason is that many substances that cause chronic disease of the liver and kidney are difficult to detect in the body.

The functions of these organs are so vast that they alone, are testaments to the ingenuity of the body. The liver clears the body of poisonous substances, converts excess glucose into glycogen for future, stores iron and processes hemoglobin for the use of this iron, produces bile which carries some waste away, helps to regulate blood clotting, produces certain blood plasma proteins, produces some immune factors to get rid of bacteria thereby resisting infection - and much more! Malfunction of the liver can translate to serious conditions that may be life threatening. A liver friendly diet that supports this organ is an excellent adjunct to veterinary care. We have provided a liver-friendly diet below.

Kidneys act as a filtering system by getting rid of waste products. Vitamin D is activated in the kidneys. They balance the bodys fluid content by reabsorbing immense amounts of water into the blood, produce hormone that helps to make red blood cells and help to control blood pressure.

The food that your dog eats is broken down and part of this breakdown, along with the normal breakdown of body tissues becomes waste. This waste is sent to the blood which moves to the kidneys for removal. When kidney function is compromised, the wastes build up, damaging the body and often causes nausea.

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